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This Event Checklist has been created to help you produce amazing events, by focusing on:


When to choose a venue & what to consider when deciding. 


How & when to create and send invitations.


Whether organising the styling yourself or hiring a 3rd party, when everything needs to be organised by. 



A simple step-by-step one page PDF.


Actions divided into 2 months, 6 weeks, 1 month & 2 weeks from event.


An Event Checklist that will be applicable for any event that you are organising

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About the Author

Alysha was quite literally born into hospitality, with her first home located above the pub that her parents owned in Adelaide. At 5, the family relocated to a tiny mining town in the middle of the desert – Roxby Downs. Here, her Mum & Dad purchased the pub, motel and caravan park in the emerging town of only 600 people. Well before she could even see over the bar, Alysha felt entirely comfortable offering a beer and she would regularly stand on the pass and garnish the plates.  

With a warm sense of hospitality at her very core, she loved helping her Mum run exclusive camp fire dinners on a remote salt pan for top-end executives, underneath nothing but the stars. From these humble beginnings, she was shown what was required to ensure their customers enjoyed a high quality and unforgettable experience.  

Alysha resisted joining the family business after school and had a few short stints in the media industry. However, following walking over hot coals at a Tony Robbins seminar and a summer spent partying through Europe, her heart knew that it belonged back in a bar.  

And now, after working for nearly a decade surrounded by her family with The Darcy Group; operating venues such as The Precinct Hotel and Motel, Alysha’s focus is now centred solely on the development of Melbourne Public & Citizen Café. With a whole lifetime of experience in the hospitality industry, she produces consistently outstanding functions – where the food is fresh, local & seasonal, and her staff are praised for their friendly, genuine and enthusiastic nature.